Bring your flag to us and win!

This website is an online platform dedicated to room renting for university students in Coimbra.

All rooms in this platform are managed by Singular. We rent rooms but we also develop relationships with every tenant, from all over the world.

We have years of experience and we use it to always improve the quality and comfort of our facilities. We name every place as "CASA" because we believe it is important that everyone feels at home, a "home" that will be shared by all, and this is why we insist on a few basic rules like respect, hygiene and tidiness.

We are based in Coimbra and we love our city, therefore we name our rooms and houses with names of iconic places and figures of this city. Coimbra, in its essence, is to be discovered by each of you and we are here to help as much as we can.

With us, each room gets an identity and we keep happy records of everyone who has stayed with us. Each one of you is unique - a special and singular piece in our journey and in our life.